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April, 2014

Pyramid.. 30/4/14

Good Morning. Today Workout. Work down from a 2K run. As the distance decreases the speed you run at should increase. 2k run/1k run/800m run/400m run/200m run. Enjoy. Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

20 minute AMRAP

Good Morning See how you get on with this one. You have 20 minutes to get through as many times as possible. Run/Row/Cycle 100m 10 Press Ups 10 Plyometric Lunges 10 Sit Ups Each round add 100m and 10 reps. Enjoy Christian

Get down and give me 10.. 23/4/14

Morning All. Today’s workout. Perform 10 reps on the minute for 10 minutes. Squat jumps & Dumbbell chest press. Pace yourself but remember that once the next minute comes around your going again. Pick a suitable weight and don’t make it to easy on yourself. Enjoy. Jamie.   Edited with […]

How Heavy Can You Go.. 21/4/14

Good Morning A simple workout to test your strength. Bench Press x2 reps In 7 sets or less see what the maximum weight is you can lift for 2 reps. Bar is to touch your chest or at least get very close. Post your scores to compare. Christian

I can’t take it anymore.. 16/4/14

Good Morning.  Today’s workout.  Complete each exercise 3x to failure.  Press ups – Wall sit – Plank  Up next.. 3 rounds. 300m run/400m row Jamie.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

Sprint Intervals.. 14/4/14

Howdy Some sprint intervals to kick start the week. An excellent way to improve speed and cardio conditioning. Run 1200m Rest 1 Minute Run 800m Rest 1 Minute Run 400m Rest 1 Minute Run 200m Rest 2 minutes Record your times for each distance, then work through them all again […]

What Motivates You.

What motivates you to exercise? It’s a pretty simple question and one that majority of us may already know the answer to, however in some cases this motivation isn’t quite enough to get us to hit the gym. This blog will help you to discover some new motivation that will […]

Feel the Burn.. 9/4/14

Morning everyone. Today’s workout. 5 minutes per exercise. Dumbbell lunges (2.5 mins per leg) Dumbbell chest press Dumbbell rows Pick a suitable weight and don’t make it to easy on yourself. Have fun. Jamie.   Edited with BlogPad Pro

Deadlift Heaven.. 7/4/14

Hope Everyone had a great weekend. Complete 100 deadlifts at 75% of your bodyweight. For every minute that passes perform 10 press ups. Happy Lifting. Christian

Tabata Training.. 2/4/14

Morning All. Today’s workout. Tabata, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. Complete each individual exercise 8x through before moving on. Burpees. Box jumps. Plank. Up next.. Complete 4×10 reps of Negative pull-ups. Minute rest between sets. A negative pull up is the downwards phase of the pull […]