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May, 2014

5 rounds.. 28/5/14

Good Morning People. Today’s workout, complete the following: 5 rounds-15 lunge jumps (each leg is 1)/15 press ups/15 knees to elbows/15 pull ups  Their is no allocated rest for this workout, the idea is to complete it as fast as you can! If you struggle with pull ups you can […]

Clean Ladder.. 26/5/14

Happy Bank Holiday Monday I have a muscle building, fat burning workout for you today. Ideally you want to do this with a barbell but kettlebells or dumbbells will be fine also. On the minute, every minute perform these two exercises starting with 1 rep and adding another rep each […]

The Effects of Exercise on Sleep and your Health

The Effects of Exercise on Sleep and your Health There are many reasons why a person might choose to exercise whether they are starting up for the first time or its part of their lifestyle. Lose weight? Tone up? Train for a sport or event? These are the answers you […]

Single Arm Dumbbell Circuit.. 23/6/14

Happy Monday Got a dumbbell workout out for perfect for working your core. Perform all exercises with perfect control to make sure your core is engaged as much as possible. Take a single db and perform each exercise one arm at a time for 10 reps per side. Squats Shoulder […]

Whatever Floats Your Boat.. 21/5/14

Good Morning.  Today’s workout involves you being a little spontaneous.  Pick 5 exercises to put into a circuit. Now perform these exercises for 60 seconds each with 1 minute rest at the end of the 5th exercise..perform the circuit 3x through! Have fun.  Jamie.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

Kettlebell Blitz.. 19/5/14

I hope you all had a great weekend. Got a big kettlebell workout for you. Perform 30 seconds of each exercise back to back, rest for 30 seconds and go again. Complete each circuit 3 times before moving onto the next one. KB Swings KB Rows KB Press Cycle Sit […]

It’s Only Three Rounds.. 14/5/14

Good Morning.  Today’s workout, complete the following.  3 rounds-20 wall-ball shots/20 Kettlebell swings/20 dumbbell chest press Pick suitable weights but make it tough on yourselves, remember it’s ok to break the reps up! Enjoy.  Jamie.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

Superset AMRAP.. 12/05/14

Good Morning Everyone Todays workout, set a timer for 20 minutes. Perform 2 reps of each exercise to start with and increase by another 2 reps per round. See how many rounds you can complete before the time runs out. Sumo Deadlift High Pulls Thrusters Make sure those squats are […]

Pace Yourself & Don’t Burnout.

Are you thinking about reintroducing exercise back into your life? The reason I say reintroduce is because you have more than likely done some kind of exercise in the past however struggled to sustain it, if this sounds familiar keep reading and maybe I can help you to overcome this […]

That Minute Went fast.. 7/5/14

Good Morning Everyone.  Today’s workout.  Complete the following on the minute for 10 minutes.  5 burpees/5 high knees (each leg is 1)/5 squat jumps Enjoy.  Jamie.    Edited with BlogPad Pro