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June, 2014

Feel the Burn.. 30/6/14

Good Afternoon I hope you all had a great weekend. Run 500m Walking Lunges holding a barbell/dumbbells x60 seconds Press Ups x60 seconds Plank x60 seconds Complete 5 rounds. Christian

Oh it’s such a squat life.

Morning Guys.  Today’s workout.  Complete 4×10 reps of each of the following exercises.  -Barbell Back squats -Barbell stiff legged deadlift  -Dumbbell lunges (complete 10 on each leg before switching) Pick a suitable weight, preferably 75-80% of your maximum weight.  Enjoy.  Jamie.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

It’s only 15 minutes right..

Morning everyone. Today’s workout. 15 minutes. Complete as many rounds as possible. 5 burpees 10 high knees (each leg is 1) 15 press ups 30 air squats Enjoy. Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

WOD Sprints.. 16/6/14

Good Morning Everyone Might need some open space for today’s WOD but a treadmill will be just fine as well. Squats x10 Press Ups x10 Sprint 100m Sit Ups x10 Burpees x5 Walk back to where you started this is your rest, try and complete 10 rounds. If you are […]

Finish where you started.

Good Morning.  Today’s workout.  Complex start to finish then work back! Run 1k/row 2k 30 press ups/30 sit ups/30 air squats/60 seconds of Kettlebell swings Following the Kettlebell swings work back to the start. Good luck. Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Let’s get the week started.. 9/6/14

Morning Everyone Try this workout on for size. Run 500m 25 Pull Ups 25 KB Front Squats Hold a Plank for 1 minute Cycle 1000m 25 Press Ups 25 KB Straight Leg Deadlifts Hold a Plank for 1 minute Run 500m 25 Burpees Have Fun. Christian


Good Morning.  Today’s workout.  Tabata. 8x through, complete 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest. (Complete each exercise 4x) High knees & burpees  Up next.. Lunge jumps & skipping Enjoy. Jamie.     Edited with BlogPad Pro

Bodyweight Burn.. 2/6/14

Hi Let’s see just how effective a workout can be just using your bodyweight. Scale the reps as necessary but aim to do them all if you can. Run 1km 100 Lunges 100 Press Ups 100 Bicycle Sit Ups 100 Pull ups 100 Squats 100 second Plank Run 1km Enjoy […]