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September, 2014

Workout of the Day: WOD 29/09/14

Good Morning all I trust you had a good weekend. For this workout let’s test your strength, show us what you’ve got. 7 sets to reach your 3 rep max, go big or go home. Bench Press Deadlifts Make sure you take plenty of rest between sets to get the […]

Workout of the Day: WOD 26/09/14

Morning Guys, try this met-con for size: 10 star Jumps 20 reps of Dynamic Plank 30 Push ups 40 Mountain Climbers 50 KB swings 60 shoulder presses 70 High Knee Sprints 80 Sit Ups 90 Walking Lunge Steps 100 Burpee Deadlifts If you are feeling super human work your way […]

wod (workout of the day)

Good morning guys. Today’s workout. Complete 4x through: 15 Dumbbell burpees/15 wall ball shots/400m run Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

WOD Workout of the Day.. 22/9/14

Morning All Tabata supersets, get ready to sweat. 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds, alternating exercises each round. Rest shortly after each circuit then move onto the next pair of exercises. Jump Squats Press Ups Side Lunges Pull Ups/Cable Pulldowns Deadlifts Dumbbell, Barbell or Kettlebell Shoulder […]

Workout of the day: WOD 19/09/2014

Morning Guys, Checkout todays fat burner: 5 Rounds of 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds rest. Burpee Dumbbell Deadlift (Perform burpee on dumbbells and stand or jump depending on fitness level holding the dumbbells) Dumbbell Shoulder Press Mountain Climbers Basket Ball Squat Jump (Squat down with hands hanging […]

Wod (workout of the day)

Happy morning guys. Today’s workout. Complete 3x through: 500m run/21 press ups/21 squat jumps Enjoy. Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

WOD Workout of the Day.. 14/9/14

Morning All try on today’s workout. Set yourself a timer for 1 minute for each of the exercises. Keep your rest to 30 seconds or less. Star Jumps Press Ups Squats (Hold a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells) Mountain Climbers Cycle Sit Ups Plank Work through 3-5 times Enjoy Christian

Workout of the Day 12/09/2014

Todays workout! Deadlift 20 reps: Weight equivilnt of 1 & 1/2 x body weigh, body weight or 3/4 of your body weight. KB Swings 20 reps Push ups 20 reps Run 400m or 800m depending on fitness level with an incline between 2% and 4% gradient. Repeat 3- 5 x […]

Wod (workout of the day)

Good morning. Complete 4 rounds of the following: 400m run/20x Dumbbell lunge/20x Barbell shoulder press Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Workout of the Day: 05\09\14

Morning peeps todays workout is…a heavy leg session, not so much heavy as in weight but in volume. Pick a weight you can manage for the reps and number of sets. 60-90 secs rest between sets. 5 x 15 Dumbbell Step Ups 5 x 15 Dumbbell Lunges 5 x 15 […]