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January, 2015

Workout of the Day WOD: 30/01/2015

Morning Guys, Todays workout consists of the following: 25 Burpees 10 Push Ups 20 Jump Lunges 10 pull ups or TRX Rows 25 Jump Squats 10 shoulder press – choose a weight where 10 reps will be a challenge 10 Dumbell Burpee Deadlifts 25 narrow push ups 10 Dumbell Lunges […]


Good morning guys. Complete the following: 500 press ups 500 crunches 500 air squats You have until the following Wednesday to complete this, how far can you get! Good luck. Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Workout of the Day: WOD 26/01/2015

Hey Everyone I hope you had a great weekend. Todays workout is nice and simple with no equipment required. Perform 1 minute work with 20 seconds in between exercises, 8 exercises total, 2-3 times. Plyometric Lunges Plank Mountain Climbers Side Plank Side Lunges Superman Lying Leg Raises V Sits Have […]

Workout Of The Day: WOD 23/01/2015

Morning Guys, check out this monstrosity of a workout! Set a barbell with 1/2 or 3/4 of your body weight: Deadlift & burpees – each burpee is counted after you jump over the bar: perform 10,9,8,7,6,5,5,5 reps of each working down from 10. Using the same rep format: KB thrusters […]

Insulin: The Secret Villain.

Insulin: The Secret Villain I have been wanting to write this blog for quite some time now, mostly because of my interest in biochemistry and why decreasing body fat is so difficult for some people. In this blog I am going to unveil (in my opinion) the biggest game changer […]

wod (workout of the day)

Good morning. Complete the following: 50k run 100k row 200 press ups You have the entire week to complete this workout, meaning you can break it up over each of the days. Good luck. Jamie. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Workout of the Day: WOD 19/01/2015

Hi Everyone Got a fat burning, conditioning workout for you here. Grab yourself a barbell, doesnt need to be too heavy as you will accumulate lots of reps, hopefully. Start with 1 rep of each exercise, adding another rep each round you complete. Don’t put the barbell down, keep in […]

WOD: Workout of the Day 16/01/2015

Morning Guys, check this sweet little exercise number! Perform 15 reps on each: 3x Through Deadlift (aim for body weight or higher) KB Swings Pull UP or Rows Chest Press or Weighted push ups Rest – Perform the following from 30 seconds on each with 20 seconds rest between – […]

Wod (workout of the day)

Good morning guys.  Check out today’s workout.  Tabata training. Complete 8 rounds, performing 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest: Kettlebell swings & burpees The idea of tabata training is to go all out for the 20 seconds of work, earn that rest!! You will complete each exercise […]

Workout of the Day: WOD 12/01/2015

[two_third_last]Afternoon Everyone how are you? For today all you are going to need is a medball, preferably one you can slam. Set a timer to 60 seconds with between 20-40 seconds rest depending on your ability. Work your way through the exercises resting for 1 minute at the end and […]