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October, 2015

WOD: Workout of the Day. 29/10/2015

Todays workout is: Push Up Mountain Climbers (Each Leg) Burpee Squat Jump Jump Lunge (Each Leg) Perform a rep on each, then 2,3,4, to 10 reps on each exercise. Between starting each new round perform a 30-45 second plank. Simple yet effective. Phil

Wod (workout of the day)

Good evening everyone! Please see below for today’s workout. 5 rounds: 15 press ups 15 sit ups 15 pull ups Jamie.  

Workout of the Day: WOD 26/10/2015

Hi Everyone Got a great core strength workout for you today. Here are the exercises: Plank Side Plank (both sides) Superman Set a timer to beep every 20 or 30 seconds and switch from one exercise to the next without stopping. Keep this going for 5 minutes trying to rest […]

WOD: Workout of the Day 23/10/2015

Set a timer to sound every minute on the minute. Using Dumbbells or Kettlebells Perfrom: 100 Squat Clean to Press every time the timer sounds perform 5 Burpees on the even rounds and 5 Double unders on the odd rounds alternating between the two until 100 reps are reached. The […]

Wod (workout of the day)

Please see below for┬átoday’s workout. 3 rounds: 300m run 30 pull ups 30 handstand press ups 30 BW lunges Good luck. Jamie.

Workout of the Day: WOD 19/10/2015

Hi Everyone For today I have a kettlebell circuit and sprint workout. Grab yourself a pair of kettlebells and get near a treadmill or some open space. Perform 15-20 reps of each exercise back to back. Don’t go too heavy with the weight to make sure you get all the […]

Workout of the Day: 16/10/2015

Todays workout: Equipment – Skipping rope, 2x Kettlebells or a barbell with a medium weight, a timer set to 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds work. Tabatta – 20’s work with 10 rest for a total of 8 rounds. 1) Squats – with KB or BB 2) Shoulder Press – […]

Wod (workout of the day)

Good afternoon, Please see below for today’s workout. 1 round: 1k row 1k run Once completed move onto the following. 3 rounds: 15 press ups 15 air squats 15 pull ups Jamie.

Workout of the Day: WOD 12/10/2015

Hey Everyone Perfom these exercises back to back for 60 seconds at a time. Rest for another 60 seconds then go again for between 3-5 rounds. High Knees Squats Mountain Climbers Press Ups Have Fun! Christian

Workout of the Day: 09/10/2015

Hi Guys, Todays workout is – 5 exercises – 1 rep on each working up to 10 on each. TRX Press TRX Jump Squat Lunge – holding a weight of medicine ball over head Burpee V-Sit Up It starts of relatively easy and build fairly quickly – takes as much […]