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Workout of the Day: WOD 03/06/2016

3 June 2016

Todays session –

Barbell or Dumbell complexes

RDL or straight leg deadlifts
Bent over row
High Pulls – Upright rows
Front Squat
Overhead Press

Perform 5 reps on each without putting the weight down.
Select a medium weight – This is an exercise focused complex, take your time, quality reps are essential over quantity.

There are two ways in which to perform this –
1) Slow and steady performing good reps, and reduce them if finding it a challenge.
2) Set a timer to go off on the minute every minute – the exercises should take around 40 seconds with 20 off – do as many rounds until you cannot finish the exercises before the timer goes off.

Incorporate this into your routine to get fast, strong and fit!

Have fun